Happy Holidays and MASSIVE SITE UPDATE!

We're on Turkey Eve here in the states and have just spent some time on a long overdue site update. 

First off, we changed our navigation to include pages for bigger builds, micro builds, minifigs and instructions to make it easier to separate searches of instructions from builds and make room for our new expansive additional micro builds section.

To kick off the holidays we added a new SALE PAGE, we've added some of our best sets to the page and will be updating it regularly through the holidays.

Additionally we're happy to add a number of new sets including are really awesome custom LEGO pokeball as well as a number of micro builds which make good stocking stuffers.

Custom Lego Pokeball

Thanks and Happy Holidays from BRICKSTORMS!

The BrickCon 2015 Countdown Begins! – New Custom LEGO BRICKSTORMS Release Announcements!

We're gearing up and getting excited for BrickCon this coming week, getting new products and sets ready each and every day and releasing one per day until this Friday. Stay tuned to this blog entry and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for this weeks announcements! We hope to see you at the show this weekend at Seattle Center!

Day 1 – BRICKSTORMING – Building Pop Culture with LEGO (THE BOOK!)

Our first announcement and it's a doozy for fans who have asked for us for our instructions for some of our most unique builds. This hardcover, full color book, includes our first ten instructions and more. We'll have this book at BrickCon this weekend and it's also ready to order right now. We have discounted the book at a special introductory price and are throwing in a BONUS sticker pack to add to your builds when you order directly from BRICKSTORMS. 


Learn More

Day 2 – Custom LEGO Bobby's Supernatural Study

One of our favorite shows, this beautifully detailed study is packed full of all kinds of detail and fun. A compact vignette perfect for playing, or display on shelf or desk. Get your Bobby on!

Learn More

Day 3 – Custom LEGO Knight Glider (in Blue and Orange) 

Day three is a fantastic micro build that we have created it's closeness to minifigure scale and usability. The trans-clear handle makes it perfect for swooshing. This is now available for ordering parts and instructions with easy small order shipping costs!

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Day 4 – Ghost Containment and Peck Minifigure

One of my favorites, ready for desk display or incorporating in your own build. I just love the bulk of this thing, the detail and functionality of inserting the trap, flushing it, light's green – traps clean, then ejecting it using the button in the back.


Day 5 – ??? Find out this Friday

"Carry on my wayward son..."


2015 Con Schedule Update 1

We just had a great time attending Bricks Cascade in Portland last week and we have another two conventions on the schedule.

EMERALD CITY COMIC CON – March 27-28  |  Seattle, WA
This coming weekend at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA
We'll be at the same spot as last year, but it has a new booth number, booth #911
We will have our new BrownCoat Workhorse model along with our entire inventory.

BRICKCON – October 4-5  |  Seattle, WA
We're really excited to have a full table for the first time at Brick Con at Seattle Center
This is the premier Lego shows we have attended for years and this will be our first time as a vendor.

Check back for updates!

More Brickstorms Fall Events

We have some other great events coming up for BRICKSTORMS in the next couple weeks. We hope to see you out there!

BrickCon – October 4th and 5th, Seattle, WA

Brickstorms will not have a booth at Brick Con due to their limited convention space, but we will be there attending and speaking about on HOW TO BUILD CUSTOM LEGO KITS during the private convention. We will be speaking on Saturday the 4th at 1pm in classroom A

You can attend BrickCon as a guest or as part of the builder convention. If you would like to attend you can get tickets here: Regular Convention or Builders Convention

You may also be able to purchase some of our kits from a friend of ours vending at BrickCon, stay tuned for updates.


Jet City Comic Con – Saturday November 8th, Tacoma, WA

Likely our last show of 2014 and in our hometown of Tacoma, WA. Come out and support comics culture in T-Town and we'll be there with our latest models bringing the original Custom LEGO as usual.

BRICKSTORMS NEW Custom LEGO Buster Models will be at RCCC!

We're excited to give you a sneak peak at our new models we will have at Rose City Comic Con this coming weekend Sept 20-21 in Portland. We spent the last two weeks finishing up the models, getting parts from all over the world, designing and crafting these models and I'm happy to provide a sneak peak now.

The Minifig Tactical KNIGHT BUSTER is 137 parts including a hero who will drive this bad boy across super men and owls alike. Comes in black with some minor very very dark gray. 

The Minifig Smash Stopping IRON BUSTER is 185 parts including a hero, comes in hand for when those battles get rough, battling anything green or when you just need to duke it out with some giant fists.

We hope to see you down there at RCCC this weekend, we'll be at booth #220 near the kids area. If you can't make it we'll have these customs right here on the following week!

Written by Bill Johnson — September 15, 2014


BRICKSTORMS will be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland next weekend at booth 220 – corner booth yay! If you need help finding it, it's near the kids area.

  • See all of our models up close
  • We will have updated inventory, more Cas, Kovacs and Ectos
  • We are unveiling two new SUPERHERO models you will love
  • Say hi and and enjoy no shipping fee shopping :)

We hope to see you out there! Support the Northwest Comic Culture.




Written by Calvin Rebelski — September 13, 2014



We're excited to say that BRICKSTORMS will be have presence at two conventions in March. We'll have our full set of wares, a few sales, and unveiling a few new builds we've been working hard on we know you all will appreciate. Hope to see you there!



Sat/Sun March 8th-9th | Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR 



Fri/Sat/Sun March 28th-30th | Washington Convention Center, Seattle, WA

Build Your Own Infantile Cloud Custom Model from Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Celebrating the return of Super Adventure Box this fall with the second installment – Super Adventure Box
BACK TO SCHOOL we had the opportunity to provide one of our custom BRICKSTORM model designs which appropriately matched the retro-bit style of the unique release. Based on the games helpful Infantile Cloud, named so because he helps you bypass difficult obstacles, the model promotes the game by allowing everyone the instruction how-to, to build their own Infantile Cloud to enjoy. 

Download the instructions and build your own rainbow hovering friend today.

Find out more about Guild Wars 2 - Super Adventure Box Back to School

Buy Guild Wars 2

The Delorean debacle: Quick MOD to the Back to the Future LEGO CUUSOO model so both minifigs fit inside

At BRICKSTORMS we were really excited to get the new Lego Back to the Future Delorean. Yes there has been some dispute about the design of the car itself, and the change of the time meter which serves no purpose but to the stroke the ego of the "clever" designer, but regardless of it's issues we say this set is AWESOME because it gives all the pieces we need! We have Marty and Doc, double face even, a good model which is getting somewhat close to minifig scale and has great printed pieces like the license plate and flux capacitor, we say, if you don't like it.. make it better!

A simple way to make it instantly better is to modify it so that you can fit both of the Marty and Doc in the ride, yes they both won't really fit in there together out of the box. With this quick little mod which requires no extra pieces you can have Marty and Doc side-by-side for the rare instances that was required in the trilogy.

Before                                                                             After



Adjust both doors like so:

1. Take off the mirror and cheese block bits toward the front of the door, the 1x3 light gray tile and 1x1 black clip

2. Move the black 1x4 plate 1 stud towards the front

3. Put the rest of the parts back on, the front bits will be lower by one plate and the clip will now be one plate higher

There you have it! Due to the angle of the door simply propping the door up just one plate gives it enough room so that Doc and Marty can breath easy, even with Doc's zany hair don't.



Brickstorms at Brick Cascade 2013 - Portland Oregon

We had a lot of fun at Brick Cascade in Portland this last weekend. This was our first show as a vendor and we were excited to be a part. Ramping up to the event, getting the newest builds ready and putting together the display took almost of all our free time for the past month or so.  

Here lies a sign of what we at Brickstorms believe and stand for, do you notice the two minifigs on the BRICKSTORMS IS sign?– That's us, custom Calvin and Bill!. Our custom DC minifigs control this side of the table along with our vehicle builds, ECTO-1 and the very popular Supernatural Impala. She-Hulk must feel pretty out of place huh?


All of our vehicle builds! Dean and Sam along with Bobby prepare to hunt for demons in the Supernatural Impala. The Ghost Bustin ECTO waits to ride into action. Retro style April reports beside the Turtle Party Wagon which shows off all of it's compact functionality

The left side of the table, containing all of our custom Marvel Superhero Builds, along with the Turtle Party Wagon and a lot of stickers with our logo!

Here's a close-up of just some of the x-peeps on display.


On Sunday Bill started sketching minifigs for fans, we never did give away Coulson on the right packing side pistol and Little Debbies.

It was a whirlwind weekend and we can go away saying that not only did we have a blast, but for our first convention, we were really happy with how well our builds were received by the building community. It was great to meet everyone that came by and saw us at the convention, thanks so much to everyone that came and said hi and to everyone that supported us by picking up a Brickstorms build, hope you all enjoy them.

Written by Ted Covey — March 10, 2013


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