We had a lot of fun at Brick Cascade in Portland this last weekend. This was our first show as a vendor and we were excited to be a part. Ramping up to the event, getting the newest builds ready and putting together the display took almost of all our free time for the past month or so.  

Here lies a sign of what we at Brickstorms believe and stand for, do you notice the two minifigs on the BRICKSTORMS IS sign?– That's us, custom Calvin and Bill!. Our custom DC minifigs control this side of the table along with our vehicle builds, ECTO-1 and the very popular Supernatural Impala. She-Hulk must feel pretty out of place huh?


All of our vehicle builds! Dean and Sam along with Bobby prepare to hunt for demons in the Supernatural Impala. The Ghost Bustin ECTO waits to ride into action. Retro style April reports beside the Turtle Party Wagon which shows off all of it's compact functionality

The left side of the table, containing all of our custom Marvel Superhero Builds, along with the Turtle Party Wagon and a lot of stickers with our logo!

Here's a close-up of just some of the x-peeps on display.


On Sunday Bill started sketching minifigs for fans, we never did give away Coulson on the right packing side pistol and Little Debbies.

It was a whirlwind weekend and we can go away saying that not only did we have a blast, but for our first convention, we were really happy with how well our builds were received by the building community. It was great to meet everyone that came by and saw us at the convention, thanks so much to everyone that came and said hi and to everyone that supported us by picking up a Brickstorms build, hope you all enjoy them.

Written by Ted Covey — March 10, 2013



Good job guys! Looks like you did an amazing job with the displays and the fine wrapping of all those white boxes :) Those drawings are very creative too, I want one! Keep up the good work!

March 12 2013 at 11:03 PM

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