At BRICKSTORMS we were really excited to get the new Lego Back to the Future Delorean. Yes there has been some dispute about the design of the car itself, and the change of the time meter which serves no purpose but to the stroke the ego of the "clever" designer, but regardless of it's issues we say this set is AWESOME because it gives all the pieces we need! We have Marty and Doc, double face even, a good model which is getting somewhat close to minifig scale and has great printed pieces like the license plate and flux capacitor, we say, if you don't like it.. make it better!

A simple way to make it instantly better is to modify it so that you can fit both of the Marty and Doc in the ride, yes they both won't really fit in there together out of the box. With this quick little mod which requires no extra pieces you can have Marty and Doc side-by-side for the rare instances that was required in the trilogy.

Before                                                                             After



Adjust both doors like so:

1. Take off the mirror and cheese block bits toward the front of the door, the 1x3 light gray tile and 1x1 black clip

2. Move the black 1x4 plate 1 stud towards the front

3. Put the rest of the parts back on, the front bits will be lower by one plate and the clip will now be one plate higher

There you have it! Due to the angle of the door simply propping the door up just one plate gives it enough room so that Doc and Marty can breath easy, even with Doc's zany hair don't.



Written by Bill Johnson — August 24, 2013

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