How to Make LEGO Bane's Fur Coat from the Dark Knight Rises


It's awesome that LEGO gave us a Bane minifig in Winter 2012, but if you haven't noticed, he looks a little cold brawling through the streets of Gotham without his formidable fur coat from The Dark Knight Rises. We at Brickstorms thought this would be a great opportunity to improve this minifig by giving Bane the high-handed look he deserves.

Custom fabric coats are available online at a number of sources, we got this one at MMCBCapes; they do an excellent job matching colors to LEGO spec, also their fabric is almost identical to what LEGO uses as well.

If you don't have dark tan arms to match the coat in your arsenal already, you can pick them up from BrickLink from a number of vendors, they will be needed to give your coat matching sleeves.

The key to giving the coat it's stylish "fur look" is to cut and fray around the upper edges, giving it a fleece-like effect.

With a pair of scissors, carefully cut along the edges of the coat in 1/16" increments, in approximately 1/16"-1/4" deep cuts as shown in the image above. Be sure to angle them deeper around the outer edges and taper the cuts shorter along the inner edges. As the cuts run down from top to the bottom of the jacket, taper them shorter and shorter until about mid-way and stop.

Place the jacket on your minifig by removing the arms; put them through the holes, and attach the arms into the torso, securing the coat in place. 

The final step will be to run your finger along these frayed edges to randomize the cuts; fray them outward, giving your Bane nothing but the best of Eastern European designer fur coats to keep him toasty while dominating the streets of Gotham. 


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