BRICKSTORMS is AFOLs Bill and Calvin from Tacoma, WA. 

  • We grew up loving LEGO, comics and pop culture. With the ever expanding palette of LEGO pieces available it's allowed us the opportunity to come up with a lot of exciting ideas for characters and the worlds they live in – we call these ideas BRICKSTORMS! 

  • We put Brickstorms online simply to get the ideas out to the masses, whether just the how-to or the how-to and the pieces you'll need, we want to make it easy to build the characters we all love and the worlds around them.

  • Brick integrity – We believe in the integrity of the bricks so all of our Brickstorms are based on LEGO or other quality sources with little to no modification – that means that you can reuse those pieces for other things in the future. We don't add to, but sometimes we take away, that means no low quality printing techniques, no painting, but only the best for your collection.

  • We believe in minifig scale. We try our best to provide ideas that are as close as you can get to true minifig scale by looking at building techniques that keep those models compact.

  • Flesh minifigs. We love the classic yellow minifigs, but it's hard to create the characters we all love without the great diversity offered by the flesh colored minifigs now available. All of our models use these.

  • Convenience – We put together the rare and unique parts so that you don't have to, and don't have to pay for for shipping from ten different vendors thus saving you time and money.

Disclaimer: These are not LEGO products. We sell "how-to" ideas made from re-used LEGO elements and custom parts made from other respected brick resources. LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these products. All characters are copyright their respective owners. BRICKSTORMS ideas are not meant to actually be these characters but simply portray representations that are close to what the character may look like when built from authentic LEGO parts or parts created by other respected custom brick resources.


WELCOME TO BRICKSTORMS Your source for pop culture custom models focused on scale, detail, and functionality.