At Brickstorms we sell ideas and it's up to you if you would also like to get the parts from us in a neat package or find them yourself. 


All of our digital instructions are sent to you for immediate download in PDF form to view on-screen or print from your home printer and includes; what the part is, what set it comes in and the part number that you can search using , our recommended resource for acquiring loose parts. 


With instructions and parts you get the digital instructions as well as the parts you need to complete your build and includes printed instructions. Because the uniqueness of our builds, parts may be hard to find, in some cases expensive or take awhile to order from various vendors, or require some minimal modification such as removing printing from the parts (noted as modified in the instructions) – our goal with providing the parts is to make it easy for you to quickly get what you're looking for at a reasonable cost.


Digital instructions do not have a minimum buy or cost anything to ship. There is no minimum buy for instructions and parts and we ship national and international at a flat rates, please go to our shipping page for more details.


Whenever possible we try to retain the integrity of authentic LEGO parts, but when a modification could make it even more like the character we use "take-away" methods to remove printing using Brasso, stay tuned to our blog for a step-by-step how-to on this technique.


You may already have some of the parts you need to make some of our BrickStorms, but when you need to get some of the more hard-to-find or custom parts you will need to get them on Bricklink or one of our other trusted building resources. Stay tuned to our blog for an upcoming step-by-step how-to on using Bricklink to order parts.


Get how-to instructions and pieces to build custom models and minifigs using authentic LEGO parts and custom accessories.