Places you can find parts and some of the best places to find out about LEGO on the web.


Bricklink is our number one recommended place to find the parts you need for your Brickstorm models and your own MOC's (My Own Creation's), all of our instructions come with part numbers easily searchable on Bricklink. Bricklink is a site made of hundreds of stores all over the world by individuals with their own rules, fees and inventories.

Brickstorms on Bricklink

We have our own store on Bricklink where we will liquidate the extra parts we accumulate.

G.I. Brick

GI Brick is a trusted reseller of BrickArms who makes high quality custom weapons for Lego minifigures.

Brick Forge

Brick Forge makes custom accessories for Lego minifigures and is probably best known for the wide variety he offers in armor, weapons and accessories less expected such as violins and mushrooms!


MMCB Capes makes custom minifigure cloth products such as jackets, capes and trenchcoats that go beyond what LEGO offers but in the same quality that LEGO provides. All his products are top notch with color accuracy and fitting to the minifigure itself.


FBTB or From Bricks To Bothans is a great site which posts regular LEGO news, sale news and industry news on licensed themes such as Super Heroes and Star Wars.

The Brick Show

This is a video blog that reviews new and old sets of Lego and some other building toys. Most of their posts are reviews but some may also feature peoples MOC (My Own Creation) or have news about upcoming sets. This is a lot of fun to sit back, watch and think Lego.

Brick Blogger

This is a great blog for everything Lego – tips, tricks, reviews, news and more!


Get how-to instructions and pieces to build custom models and minifigs using authentic LEGO parts and custom accessories.